Facing a shoe box storage wall, are you worrying about what to wear?

shoe box wall
In the past few days, when you get up early and prepare to go out, will you feel emotional when facing a whole wall of shoes? What kind of shoes can you wear to express your position and wear style? What kind of shoes should you wear to look more “appropriate”? I believe this is also the problem faced by the majority of Sneaker Heads, so today everyone in the editorial department will recommend 7 pairs of domestic brand shoes for you to expand the “shoe library” for everyone. There are many brands in it, and it covers actual shoes. Models, running shoes and trendy shoes, I hope I can give you a reference for shoe box storage. https://www.sneakersdisplaybox.com/index.php/led-light-crate/

▲ Li Ning Liejun ACE 2.0

Li Ning Lie Jun ACE 2.0
Li Ning’s Liejun series of running shoes has been born for more than ten years, and has now been updated to the fifth generation. In 2018, as China’s Li Ning shines, Liejun’s fashion product line has also attracted attention. From Liejun ACE 1.0 to ACE 1.5, to the current ACE 2.0, I really like it. The latest Li Ning Liejun ACE 2.0, the shoes look very high-end, the design is inspired by statues, full of retro feeling. The shoe body is made of high-quality materials such as leather nubuck, and the hollow structure of the midsole is similar to Jueying. The most important thing is that this pair of shoes is really a very good match to shoe box storage, and it feels that any trouser type can fit perfectly. I personally think that Li Ning Liejun ACE is definitely a mid-to-high-end shoe with a high level of domestic products.

▲ D’Angelo Russell, Li Ning, Wade’s Way, the whole city 9

Li Ning Wade’s Way, Whole City 9
My recommendation is this year’s hottest Li-Ning basketball shoes—Wade’s Way of the City 9. This pair of shoes is undoubtedly the hottest actual combat sneaker launched last year so far, and it is also the first pair of Li-Ning products I have consumed out of my pocket so far. It shows how charming the whole city 9 is. This year happens to be my natal year. I am going to buy a pair of sneakers with CNY color matching during the Chinese New Year. The theme of 9 CNY in the city is also quite novel.

▲ Li Ning, Wade’s Way, 9 details in the city

In actual combat, all aspects of sneakers are very balanced, especially the grip and cushioning performance left a deep impression on me, even the midsole configuration of full palm cloud + forefoot BOOM is a bit too soft for me, for cushioning Friends who have requirements are worth a try. Nowadays, there are more and more color schemes in Citywide 9, and there are also versions with different upper materials. The avant-garde appearance will not be inconsistent with daily wear. It is still very good to start at the right price. It’s worth it, highly recommended! just make it in the shoe storage box to show .

▲ Li Ning 937 Deluxe Hi

Li Ning 937 Deluxe
For the first time to participate in this kind of good article recommendation, I still have a lot to say. Friends who are familiar with me must know the identity of my Li Ning iron fan. After careful consideration, I chose to give Li Ning 937 Deluxe Amway to you. I won’t say much about the brand history and sneaker stories, so I will tell you about the shoes.

▲ Highlight details and texture

Counting the high and low tops, there are currently 7 pairs of color schemes on sale for the 937 Deluxe. At present, I have two pairs of high tops, which are white and red and tannins. I love the shoe box storage. The textures presented by these two color schemes can be said to be completely different. In fact, each color scheme of the entire series of 937 Deluxe has its own unique highlights. For example, the white and red color scheme uses a large area of genuine leather and uses wax on the leather surface. The edging process, the jacquard pattern on the tongue, and the old craftsmanship on the midsole.

Denim uses denim fabric as the upper material and treated with holes. The entire series is also equipped with metal shoelace buckles and shoelace heads. With such small details as the satin lining, the designer’s degree of care can be said to be full. This time the designer also made adjustments to the shape of the shoe, making it slim and tall after tightening the laces. On this basis, the midsole full palm Phylon + heel three technology blessing, so that the foot feel of this pair of shoes can be regarded as the one that can be beaten in the shoes.

▲ Li Ning 937 Deluxe on the feet of the office

For a pair of shoes made of such materials, the selling price of 899 can be said to be just right. The store sells it so that it will not be unavailable. If you are lucky, you can catch up with the discount. I saw 4 items in the store with a 30% discount during the Spring Festival. Next, I asked a friend for a piece, and finally started with a price of 629 yuan a pair. It has both cost-effectiveness and excellent texture, and it can also meet the needs of different outfits. In the past two months, I didn’t wear other shoes for commuting. It’s done by planting grass.

▲ Peak flash 2 Christmas color matching

Peak Flash 2
Speaking of the rise of domestic brands, the first thing I thought of was Peak’s “self-adaptive” cushioning technology. After that, domestic brands collectively entered the era of technological innovation, setting off a wave of technology. The Peak Flash 1 equipped with the midsole of the state-of-the-art technology is one of the most popular basketball shoes that summer. Many good-looking and interesting colors and extremely soft feet also make many friends have the desire to buy, but there are also Some minor issues make some people have some doubts. The Peak Flash 2 released last year is an iterative upgrade, which is more improved than the previous one.

▲ Outstanding actual combat performance

This pair of shoes is not only equipped with state-of-the-art adaptive cushioning technology, but also Peak’s newly developed light-speed “P-SOON” technology, combined with a large area of carbon fiber anti-torsion sheet in the middle, for comfortable cushioning and light rebound It maintains excellent stability and helps the front and rear palms to complete the transition of force, making the force and force transmission more smooth and supple, and the upper with TPU silk thread is also more durable. Compared with Peak Flash 1, this upgraded pair of Peak Flash 2 is significantly more stable and solid, keeping the luxurious configuration and powerful performance in perfect unity.

▲ The color value of Christmas is quite high

And the “Christmas color matching” Peak Flash 2 in my hand has a very high appearance. It incorporates the elements and colors of Christmas into the color scheme. It looks good and does not lose the festive atmosphere. This pair has both appearance and practical performance. The Peak Flash 2 is really exciting. Because Peak Flash 2 has launched more beautiful color schemes one after another, so don’t worry if you want to get started.”

▲ Hongxing Erke 3D concept model

Hongxing Erke 3D Concept
This pair of Hongxing Erke shoes is still a concept model, but it is really exciting. The appearance of the shoe model is full of futuristic design, but it is not too popular. It has all the parts that a shoe model should have. It is not for the pursuit of the so-called The “future” completely discarded what a pair of shoes should have, and this kind of “future” and “present” design is in short, very attractive to me, in addition to the angular lines and pure black color matching even more The shoes are “brilliant”, so if they are officially on sale, the shoes are definitely a powerful tool for styling which looks great in shoe box storage.

He is good at using the simplest design language to express his work. The pair of canvas shoes uses a contrasting black and white color scheme, which is simple and stylish. The material is the simplest canvas and rubber. All kinds of collocations are very friendly, no matter whether it is tooling or the street, you can go and match it at will. Our stereotype of traditional canvas shoes is that the soles are usually very hard, but the rubber soles of these shoes are very soft, not only the appearance is perfect, but the foot feel is quite good.

And from the design of this shoe, we can see the elements of structure and collage. Although it is a style of 18 years, it looks very avant-garde now. And the theme of this pair of shoes is feminism. It can be seen that Su Wukou himself has a thorough understanding and application of culture. For those who like niche design language and want a pair of versatile styles, then this pair is definitely not. Would be wrong.”

▲ Soulland x Li Ning Jueying’s drawings and dismantling parts

Soulland x Li Ning Jueying
Speaking of domestic brand shoes, the first thing I think of is Li Ning Jueying running shoes. It can even be said that these shoes should be regarded as the ceiling of domestic running shoe technology and foot feel. What I have in my hand is a joint shoe model of Danish designer brand Soulland and Li Ning. When I got this shoe model wrapped in a foam shoe box storage, it was so light that I couldn’t believe it was a shoe box with shoes already in it. The lightness provided by these shoes is exactly what the runners need.

▲ Both practical and fashionable attributes

Open the shoe box and see that the overall color design of this pair of shoes is quite simple and versatile. It is also a good choice for friends who love minimalism, and it is also in line with the brand tone of Soulland. The midsole part uses the combination of Li Ning Tri technology + Li Ning Wei technology double cushioning technology, wearing it feels like walking through the clouds, so you can imagine how good the rebound performance of this pair of shoes is.

Not only for running, but also for daily collocation, sports, minimalist, casual and even retro modern style, it can be perfectly controlled in various styles. Through this pair of shoes, you can see the advancement and excellence of Li Ning in design and technology, the products are becoming more and more capable, and the business scope is getting wider and wider. How can the light of highly innovative and inclusive domestic products? Do people not pay for it?

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