6 Ways to Find a Reliable Shoe box Supplier In China

An Amazon shoe box seller will let you know that there is a risk of discovering dishonest Chinese shoe box supplier. Whether you get into an online B2B marketplace, an online supplier directory or visit a tradeshow or wholesale market, you need to be careful of the few bad apples. Hereby, we discuss your sourcing options and recommend the best way to find a dependable supplier for long term relations.

1. The Canton Fair

The canton fair is Chinese biggest import/export meeting which is held two times one year and covers basically all manufactory that makes physical goods. It is so huge that it runs in three chapter:

Phase 1: Electronics, machinery, building materi

chapter 1: Electronics, machinery, building materials and chemical products

chapter 2: Consumer goods, home decor and gifts

chapter 3: Textiles, recreational products, office supplies, shoes, medical devices and health products

If you’re looking for Chinese plastic shoe box supplier, you go for chapter 2 and 3.The ticket could be free if You visit but as long as you’re in, you’d better be planned for what’s in store. Here’s a teaser:

    – The sales representatives can speak necessary business English. A few are signed up for the fair and even no staff for the company.  The only thing you can get is some product specifics and MOQs. They may tell you that the MOQ of transparent shoe storage box is 50pcs.

  – If you don’t go for it alone, you can hire an interpreter at the fair at 400-500 RMB or $60-$75 by day. Service charges are higher for minority languages.

     – Suppliers carry samples so you can have a look and feel the product to get a feeling of quality. You can weigh the shoe box to see if it’s heavy enough.

    – If you’re willing to pay more than the advertised price, you will see the quality you want.

  – The suppliers will ask for your name card to follow-up with you after the fair after you talk to them. Some Amazon sellers are afraid to give their name cards to each dealer they meet out of a fear of their details being sold to other dealers. Just for safe, they may give out fake cards to give to everybody except the suppliers they’re absorbed in.

 The Canton Fair is HUGE. Find the list of exhibitors and their booth location on the trade show’s website ahead of time to save time and Strength. The same suppliers participate each year, so freshness is missing. Don’t expect to see innovation either – the companies with a newer drawing or function may show mock-up and only be seeing for distributors rather than OEM or private label manufacturing.

2. Yiwu Market

Hereby declare: Yiwu wholesalers are trading companies, not manufacturers! Not the manufacturer! Not the manufacturer! Important things said three times!

Zhejiang Yiwu Market is open all year round. With more than 40,000 stores, you shouldn’t be looking at it if you don’t want to buy bags, shoes, textiles, watches, and accessories at low prices. This is because buyers here are overwhelmingly from India, Africa and the Middle East, so the products required in these countries do not meet EU or US regulations and safety standards. If you want toys, cosmetics or medical equipment, you should look elsewhere.

Here, you can buy products at any price you want, with a corresponding drop in quality, of course. If you sell or distribute to other sellers through multiple channels and your target market is highly segmented, Yiwu Market can be an option. Some sellers use Yiwu as a supplementary supplier to their existing suppliers when the store is vacant and needs to be replenished.

Yiwu wholesalers cooperate with factories in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. One advantage is that you can buy the product on the spot from the shelf, or have it shipped in bulk to your location.

If you know your quality requirements but the goods you want are not ready to sell, you can place an order with the corresponding matching factory. Don’t quarrel over price, because that will only make the factory use cheaper materials, which will lead to lower quality.

It is not recommended that you look for shoe box supplier products in this place, most of them are trading companies

If you hire a purchasing manager to simplify purchasing, agency services include driving you around the market to meet with wholesalers, negotiating prices and order terms, and coordinating purchasing, including collecting orders from different locations in one shipment. But they are usually not responsible for the quality control of the factory.

You will come across counterfeit and shoddy products in the market. Any brand name you see in a Yiwu store could be a knockoff. Don’t belittle Yiwu, but Yiwu should only have a place when your sourcing strategy targets equivalent products at low prices.

You have to find the real shoe box supplier factory and be wary of trading companies that pretend to be factories

What is the difference between a trading company and a factory?

Trading companies can impersonate manufacturers, so the key is to know who you are dealing with. Here are the differences:

-Most factories produce a single product or focus on a single manufacturing process to create economies of scale to keep costs down and overhead. A company that advertises an item is more likely to be a trading company.

-Trading companies usually have a very attractive company name. On the other hand, the name of the factory includes the town or city in which it is located.

– Check the address on the business card. If the location is on the 22nd floor of a building, it’s likely to be a trading company. If a separate office address is mentioned – it could be their sales office in the city.

– The websites of trading companies are all in English. Small factories may not even have a website for shoe box product.

– The factory will be listed as the owner of the quality certificate (CE, UL and other certifications) is the factory.

These checks are necessary when you are looking for Chinese shoe box supplier without the help of a purchasing agent.

3. B2B marketplaces

You can find Chinese suppliers and manufacturers from Alibaba, Made in China and Global Sources. While they are all popular sites, there are a few things you need to be wary of in order to avoid getting scammed in these B2B marketplaces:

-You will see a lot info after you search on Alibaba for words like drop front transparent sneaker box.https://www.alibaba.com/

-Trade companies may advertise as manufacturers, if you’re sourcing toys, clothes, and cheap stuff, it won’t be a big deal. But for products with high technical content, only the manufacturer will be qualified. So if the product you want is made using a manufacturing process such as metal stamping or plastic injection molding, you need to verify the supplier’s capabilities early on. The scores you see are just the scores that these websites give this supplier, but they have no reference significance. On the Alibaba platform, for example, paying a certain membership fee earns gold supplier status, which increases visibility on the site, but doesn’t say much in terms of ethical behavior and quality levels. Therefore, suppliers with the most exposure on Alibaba still have to be tested.

-Contact the supplier first and then provide the sample, after receiving the sample, test it and place the order finally. This process may take weeks rather than days.

– Taking into account the different countries, you will want everyone to be able to speak the same language. This makes it very difficult to explain your exact requirements via email or live chat because of language barriers.

– Since almost all Chinese suppliers are included on a large B2B website, although the distance with buyers is narrowed, this over-saturated venue will make some high-quality suppliers opt out. Just like our company https://www.sneakersdisplaybox.com/. We produce plastic shoe box both drop front and drop side, but we don’t have account for Alibaba.com


– Trading companies can impersonate factories online. If they pay the corresponding advertising fees, they will rank higher in search results, regardless of buyer feedback and ratings.

– Finding reliable suppliers in the B2B market can be complicated. You need to screen suppliers, preferably visit their factories.

-It is easy to be attracted by the lowest price. The lowest price is often the worst quality. Once production starts, costs change, so the huge price advantage isn’t set in stone. If the supplier has never produced the product it advertises on the website, the quality will suffer.

4. Sourcing agents

Purchasing agents in China are ideal when you need to manufacture products to precise technical specifications. They can visit the factory and check the quality. When mass production starts, they will go to the factory again to check the raw materials and even check the quality of the first few batches.

Chinese suppliers are less likely to notify you of production delays or ask questions if they are unsure of your product specifications. Purchasing agents can ensure that suppliers are in line with you before production begins.

A purchasing agent will give you full support throughout the purchasing process. If you want to build a long-term relationship, you can hire a purchasing agent. Through a purchasing agency, you can clearly communicate your needs.

5. Google

Googling Chinese suppliers appears to be an option for new Amazon sellers. China has commercial websites and social media. Generally, they have generic names like China Wholesale Market on social channels. Some of these suppliers may actually be proxies.

As said before, many English websites are for traders rather than factories. If you consult a website that looks like a real factory. You get a quick quote, a sample soon, and then fly yourself to China to visit the factory. Search for a product using a specific keyword, such as “Hangzhou shoe box supplier”. Google searches using keywords are also a quick way to find relevant supplier pages on directories and B2B sites.

6. Your industry network

Your business will connect you with Chinese suppliers. Your shoe box suppliers are your business partners. Initially there will be some details of order execution and your business relationship may be bumpy, but maintaining a good relationship with your suppliers will help your business. It’s much easier when you go through a purchasing agent. You can decide to fly to China from time to time to manage the relationship.  

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