How much is a transparent shoe box? Does it support customization?

Transparent shoe box can play a very good display effect and has good light transmittance. At the same time, it has high hardness, high weather resistance and can be used for a long time. What is the price of transparent shoe box at present? Does it support customization?

First: about price

The price of transparent shoe box is related to many factors. For example, it is related to its thickness. The thickness of common transparent shoe box is between 2mm and 10mm, and the thicker one will reach 20mm. The thicker the thickness is, the more materials are used, and its price will be relatively expensive.

Second, it also has a certain relationship with the size. Although most transparent sho eboxes are standard sizes, there are some special sizes, and the size will also affect the price of transparent shoe boxes.

In addition, it is also related to its function. The special transparent shoe box has the function of voice controlled luminescence, and the price will be much higher. This kind of transparent shoebox with lighting effect will be more difficult to produce. At the same time, it also needs to use some special materials, power on and so on. The price will naturally be more expensive, which can not be used in ordinary stores.

Third: can transparent shoe boxes be customized?

The transparent shoe boxes on the market have various sizes and can basically meet everyone’s needs. In most cases, they do not need to be customized, but there will be some special sizes that need to be customized. There is also the problem of logo. If you need to print logo, it also needs to be customized.

When customizing, it is recommended that you choose transparent sho ebox products with good light transmittance, good hardness and good weather resistance. When customizing, you should also pay attention to details and design well, such as its color. Common shoe boxes include colorless, black, Tan, white, etc. in addition, you should also pay attention to size. You can also customize with special size.

Here, we must remind you that the situation of transparent shoe boxes is different, so its price will also be different. When buying, we should buy according to the actual needs. Generally speaking, the surface of transparent shoe boxes supports printing logos. There are many ways to print logos, such as engraving, painting and silk screen printing… This different way of printing logos will also affect the price of transparent shoe boxes.

transparent shoe box

The service life of transparent shoe boxes is generally more than three years, and some can even be used for 8 ~ 10 years. They are also very environmentally friendly. If they can be recycled, they can be assured.


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