Highly popular customized shoe box manufacturers recommend!

Generally, the special counter or shoe brand will customize the shoe box. After all, the customized shoe box can be publicized and the price is cost-effective. At the same time, the customized service is also very good. However, some friends customize it for the first time, so they don’t know how to choose the customized shoe box manufacturers or the customization process.

What are the customized processes?

In the customization process of shoe box, its process is similar to the general customization business process. They all communicate with manufacturers. Some manufacturers customize all aspects, while others customize size and color. Different customization methods have different customization processes, so it depends on which customization method.

If it’s size and color customization, you can communicate with the manufacturer what size and color you need. The process of customizing the shoe box is very simple. After signing the contract, you can start to choose the color and size to complete the transaction. However, the process of all-round customization is different. The customization of all-round shoe boxes needs to communicate with the manufacturer whether to add logo.

The second is to determine the pattern. Some brands need to add some representative patterns to the shoe box, followed by the size and customization of shoe box style, so their process has some subtle differences, and the customization cycle of shoe box is different, so it depends on their own needs.

Selection of customized shoe box manufacturers

When choosing manufacturers to customize, you should see what kind of shoe boxes you want. Some are hard paper shoe boxes, while others are acrylic shoe boxes. Different manufacturers should be selected for different materials. Some manufacturers have a variety of materials, while others are only one. So it depends on whether you want one material or a variety of materials.

Secondly, it depends on the cycle efficiency of manufacturers. Under the same quantity, the customized shoe boxes of some manufacturers can be delivered in only one week, but some manufacturers need two weeks to deliver, so the delivery efficiency is different. It is suggested to find efficient manufacturers to cooperate on www.alibaba.com

The third is to look at the manufacturer’s service. Some manufacturers provide long-term service. They can communicate solutions at any time as long as they find that there are problems in the customized shoe box, but some manufacturers often don’t reply. When there are problems in the shoe box, they will discount instead of replacing the shoe box, etc.

Therefore, the service of the manufacturer is also one of the key factors in the selection. It is recommended to choose the manufacturer with good service and positive communication efficiency, because this can solve the problems in time, and it will be convenient for future cooperation, rather than the service attitude of discount treatment or cold violence and delay treatment.

Generally speaking, the process of customizing shoe boxes is very simple, while there are some subtle differences between fully customized and semi customized shoe boxes. When selecting manufacturers for cooperation, we mainly choose from the above three points of view, so that we can find good shoe box customization manufacturers like filiens https://www.sneakersdisplaybox.com/


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