Shoe care selection guide: cleaning ability + protection of sneakers is the key

Basically, professional sneaker stores will buy the cleaning and shoe care utensils for sneakers. When someone buys multiple sneakers, they can also be given to consumers as gifts, they can be used for event promotions. Therefore, the manager of the sneaker store will cooperate with the sneaker care manufacturer to purchase a large number of toiletries, which can be used by themselves or as promotional items for events.

How to choose the shoe care cleaning utensils?

There are many cleaning and care products for sneakers. When choosing, you will look at the products you need. Generally, you will choose the cleaning and care products that are practical, have strong cleaning ability and do not damage the sneakers. General sneakers cannot be washed with water, and some special ones will be used. Detergents, especially expensive sneakers, can damage them when washed with water.

Only by choosing special cleaning utensils can the shoes be cleaned. so the owner of the shoe store will buy special cleaning utensils to clean the dirty sneakers, and when choosing to clean the shoes.How do you know which cleaning utensils are powerful? Mainly depends on the brand.

Some brands are born in washing and nursing.( They specialize in which cleaning materials are easier to clean sneakers, know which sneakers cannot touch which materials, which materials will chemically react with them and then select the appropriate cleaning materials to make cleaners through the exclusion method. .

Most of the cleaning agents are disposable. If the purchased cleaning agent needs to be cleaned separately or needs to be washed with water, such cleaning agent is not a sneaker cleaning appliance that a shoe store owner will buy.

How much is the cleaning utensils?

Because the cleaning agent will be calculated into the cost of operation, the boss will choose the cleaning agent based on the price of the cleaning agent. If the cleaning agent is cheap but the cleaning ability is not strong or the shoes are easily damaged, it cannot be selected, because this A lot of toiletries can ruin your sneakers and affect sales.

In the market, it costs more than ten dollars or twenty dollars to buy the cleaning and care appliances for retail sneakers, while the purchase of cleaning users only needs ten dollars . If you buy in large quantities, you can get a discount. If you want to buy cleaning users, you can consult us. .

shoe care

The practical cleaning materials and production processes of different shoe care manufacturers are different, so the production cost of the cleaning agent will also be different. If you want to know the specific price, you can consult us. Our cleaning agent has strong ability and will not damage the shoes. Let the shoes have yellow stains, and will not damage the canvas and material of the shoes.

In general, the price of shoe cleaning is generally more than ten dollars. If you cooperate with the manufacturer, you can also get a discount. When buying the cleaning agent for the sneakers, it is recommended to buy from us. Strong cleaning ability, there are many customers like our ability to react to cleaning agents without hurting hands and protecting sneakers.


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