It is said that the goal of a business is to make a profit and minimize loss. Specifically, the goal of every salesman is to make sales fast. In business, we would prefer to stay above our competitors with all information we can gather (because most are in the dark). Being left out of a conversation could be disastrous to a business. In the shoe business, the use of clear shoe boxes is the new conversation. And this is why…

The footwear selling and importation business are at an all-time high. The demand for quality footwear has sporadically risen recently. Storage for these shoes has remained a topic of contention among those in the shoe-selling business. Once, the conversation was about the best way to store and display these shoes in shops and warehouses. Some preferred cubicles and others preferred slanting shelves and even racks.

These are great. But will they guarantee the utmost protection of your merchandise from dust, moisture, and other forms of spoilage? Likely not.

The preference for clear shoe boxes has come to the fore in that discussion. Shoe boxes are boxes from which shoes are stored and sold. Since the advent of the shoe boxes in the scene came the disadvantage of being wrapped up and hidden from the views of customers on long racks. But as we know, visibility is a crucial part of wooing on-the-fence buyers. Later came the idea of making transparent slits or windows in these boxes, before the advent of actual transparent/clear shoe boxes.

But why clear shoe boxes? More importantly, why have the stackable clear shoe boxes hit the markets recently?

The answer lies in quality, ease of use, aesthetics, and presentability to customers. Reports show that clear shoe boxes have helped many shoe entrepreneurs make more sales in recent years.

Shoe organization in a store has biased the minds of many a buyer to make a purchase. Stacks of transparent (or clear) shoe boxes are not only pretty but tend to look orderly and display the shoe’s best properties in flattering lights. Some of these nascent clear shoe boxes can be fixed up piece by piece, and are easily stackable on top of each other freeing up a lot of space in the stores. They are usually made of durable plastic materials and guarantee the best conditions for your shoes. We will briefly take a look at one of them.

Recent analysis shows that one of the clear shoe box vendors and bulk importers are currently choosing is the Stackable Plastic Magnetic Side Door Shoe Storage Boxes Organizer for Display Sneakers. Ease and quality are two of its strong points. This transparent sneaker box is really easy to assemble and disassemble (there is no complex learning curve). The individual cases can lock together in any configuration.

Each box can fit up to US15 high-top shoes standing up with each case dimension 22 cm × 36 cm × 28 cm. Each box can hold up to men’s size 15. Using less floor space and more height is a clear advantage of this design. This way, you can maximize the space in your store and make your shoes well-organized and easily accessible.

This side-door clear shoe box is made of high-quality strong plastic material (wear and tear is not an issue with it). And this multi-functional design also comes with a reinforced frame for extra stability. It comes in various colors (black, clear, white, and macaroon) for diverse individual tastes. Each carton of size 82 × 40 × 30 cm has 10 durable plastic pieces, and the weight is more than a hundred kilograms.


The clear shoe boxes are here to stay, so stay ahead of the competition by getting one of them for your business.


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